ring death?

@mykykko (424)
March 25, 2007 2:32am CST
have you ever witnessed a ring death?or a boxing match where one of the boxer died after the fight?i've watched a documentary last night regarding boxing and they showed a video footage of an example of ring death.oh god!if you could just see the video yourself you're gonna cry.i tried to find it at "youtube" if it is available there but it's not.the show was hosted by ms jessica soho a Filipina,the title of the documentary is "KAMAO".it was febuary 1995 two Filipino boxers were inside the ring to have fight for a prize.let's call them boxer1 (wears red) and boxer 2 (wears black)i think it was on the 8th round when boxer one got down and i think he is not in a good condition so the referee counted on him up to 4 but the boxer stand up and wants to continue the fight,though the referee seems not so sure of the condition of boxer 1 he continued the fight(although the game anchor is there shouting to stop the game because the boxer is not that okay,and they don't want to see another ring death).it was really a hard fight,the boxers almost killed each other.it ended up to the last round they are bought deeply breathing because of the adrenaline rush,sophocation etc.boxer one seems okay after the fight but boxer 2 although breathing seems having problem w/ his respiratory.going to his ring side to have a seat boxer2 colapsed.everybody was shocked they can't explained what happened.but it was obvious the boxer is already dead.the hard part there is that there is no medical facilities available like oxygen, stretcher, neck brace even ambulance.a doctor is present but he don't have anything to check the patient,he only got a small piece of cotton then he is trying to get close to the patient's nose but the boxer is not responding anymore.the commotion lasted for about 5 minutes before they decided to bring the boxer to the hospital,but it's too late already,the boy was confirmed dead.cause of death internal bleeding and sophocation.the game anchor of that match did not host a boxing fight anymore since then,he got traumatized.just to saw a boxing ring,boxing gloves (anything about boxing)reminds him of that incident.no one did ever pay for what happened w/c really is sad to say.the family of that boy only receive 23,000 pesos or equivalent to more or less $500 only.imagine that!sometimes i don't understand people,how could they cheer for that kind of sports,if it's really a sport to you.i really don't like that game.i pitty that boxer,i know that all he wanted is to bring up to family from poverty,he wants to give them a better future.that boy is from a province in Visayas here in the Philippines and most of the single males there are dreaming to be a good boxers someday.they believe that boxing is the easiest way to give their family a good future or a better life.but when can they be able to see how risky the boxing is.i have lots of questions in my mind, like who is the one responsible or liable for that incident (referee,game committee,sponsors,coach,family or the boxers themselves).are you a boxing fan?why?let's say your a parent,would you let your child fight for prize like that?is it wotht it?what do you think?i need your inputs here.
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@simplycza (1480)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
hi there, i have seen that documentary and it catches my attention. I was never a boxing fan until Manny Pacquiao became famous. Honestly, i never knew such ring deaths until last night.. I pity the boxers, i knew that it was hard for them to land on a better job but it is what they only knew for a living. The P23,000, its not worth it. it was just a small amount..