Eureka! A new idea to identify moneymaking scams easily!

United States
March 25, 2007 2:41am CST
All this week it's been sitting in the back of my head, but at this time, I feel like I want to share a new idea of how to make it easier for those doing internet marketing or doing online moneymaking to avoid get-rich-quick schemes and scams that rob you of your money. I don't know which name to call it, but i've been thinking of the names "ScamLock", "ScamTrack" or "ScaMark", as the idea is simple. The idea behind this is when search engines like Google or Yahoo! normally index pages, they can also find out from reliable "scam watch" sources of potential sites that are frauds and those with get-rich-quick schemes. Then, after doing research with the Better Business Bureau, they'll do either of the two things: 1. Tag the corrupt website down like a red flag as a warning. Then when one tries to click on the link, they'll get a squeeze page warning them that they are about to go into a "red-flagged scam site" sponsored by the "scam watch" partner site as a resource, and if the user continues, he/she will get a final dialogue page asking them are they sure. After that, there's nothing else to do, but let him/her learn the hard way. 2. Spread the news to the other search engines, and then if they can't do no. 1, they can automatically delete the index of confirmed listings of scam sites, and then permanently block them from the search engines. I had given this a lot of thought, but this takes a lot of time to implement, and a whole lot of money. But this was my new idea I wanted to release.
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@jeanpri (269)
• Malaysia
25 Mar 07
This is very interesting. I think I agree with you that something positive can be done in this area. Unless, you are quite computer and internet savvy, it would be quite difficult to implement this system. Nevertheless, I hope you will be successful in this venture. More of such programs are good measures in which one helps the internet world. The cyberspace has more dangers and not enough security systems that are up to par. Your idea would be a really good one and will help many.
@santuccie (3382)
• United States
25 Mar 07
They already have BHOs for IE and Firefox like McAfee SiteAdvisor. And they offer a free version, available here: