Want to teach your dog some Tricks?

@jennybianca (12912)
March 25, 2007 4:50am CST
Many people here on My Lot seem to love their dogs. For years, my daughter has ttempted to teach our dog tricks. Here are a few examples:PLAY DEAD/BANG Agility Use: to get dog to down on table if you are having problems with this obstacle How: With dog in sit or stand stay, point finger and pull hand up while saying bang. This action is similar to the down hand signal. Dog must lie down on side with head down. You may have to do in stages - down and side. CIRCLE Agility Use: to improve corners and turns and weaving - helps increase flexibility How: With dog in stand stay in front of you, give "circle" command and entice dog with food treat or toy to turn in circle. Don't encourage to "chase tail'. Give reward when dog turns fully. Gradually give command from greater distances. For distance, it helps to put reward on end of pole and use to get dog to turn in circle. BOW Agility Use: before doing agility, this is a good stretching exercise. Can also help on down contacts How: With dog in stand stay, handler in front of dog, with reward (food treat) in hand. Move both hands in towards dogs front paws (above paws) while saying "bow". As dog extends head down for treat in a bow position, reward. This trick is eventually down at a distance and can be down from the side with a single hand command.
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• Philippines
25 Mar 07
the "shake hands" is always my favorite & "stand up". im not into so much dog training staff, i just let him be - A Dog - it would be funny if the dog would train me dog ways :-). but its kinda cool watchin dogs do lots of tricks that amuses us. honestly i have mixed feelings about this habit of us humans to our animals.
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@Willowlady (10665)
• United States
25 Mar 07
Spending time with our dogs is a wonderful way to keep them happier and healthier. They are bound to be less destructive and less apt to act up when you have quality time with them. Kind of like children. I would much rather see folks with their well behaved dog. I thank you for sharing this and hope that others give this the time and have a good time doing it.
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