October 18, 2006 4:52am CST
well dont u all think so?? the great tv show ever to be aired and one which gave a whole new meaning to the concept of comedy series...the subtle and variety of the characters have etched monica,chandler,rachel,ross,phoebe and joey to the hearts of all thsoe who have watched it and got addicted to te show....the show might have ended in the channnels but FRIENDS series lives on in the hearts of all thsoe who have been fotunate enough to watch it....
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@ladyheart25 (1815)
• Philippines
4 Nov 06
yessss i believe its a great show! It tackles all about everything...Relationships between the family, friends and lovers, all in one..It teaches alot to young and old peopls.
@suzieque (2335)
• Canada
4 Nov 06
I used to love that show! But they are shown in reruns on quite a few channels, so people can still watch it today.