BERMUDA TRIANLGES....Heard of it anyway?

March 25, 2007 9:35am CST
Hope you all must have heard of the scariest mystery of navigations and discoveries..... the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.... I dont understand its story till date.... what all I know is that anything/everything that goes there actually goes missing..... it gets 'disappeared' all of a sudden//... I mean how can it be possible....if it gets drowned,.,,then one must be able to dive through the sea and search out for the remains.... or if thereis some scientific logic, it should have been found it actually some area or portion over the sea or in the sea bed.... or is it the total area that comes between the lands of miami peurto rico and bermuda...? What do you knwo about it? Come on and share the knowledge...
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@omerta (90)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
is it really true? are their any studies prof about this bermuda traingle?
• India
25 Mar 07
well it is all true..... studies are going on but mystery still goes unsolved...
@pinklilly (3445)
• Australia
1 Apr 07
I have watched Documenteries on Bermuda Triangle and there are many theories surrounding the varies dissapearences, I have been facinated by it too.... I have heard because of the magnetic field it throws the compass out of wack and it spins or actually doesn't point to true North.. There are thoeries of being disorintated and getting lost and traveling through a type of time Zone tunnel as one person lived to tell of his experience... It is one of the world greatest mysteries and still No one positive conclusion, just many theories.
@maucute (980)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
This is such a great mystery similar to Atlantis, I wonder if the two are connected.. Since the mystery is still unsolved, all we can do is wonder and probably read some stuffs about it.. It's pretty intriguing actually, such a great mystery.