Is it time to move forward?

March 25, 2007 10:57am CST
Lately, I am feeling a little bit awkward at work. I have this feeling inside me that say im too tired of these and that, co-workers are starting to get to my nerves, my previous group that have a great harmonious relationship is starting to be divided by different ideas and many more. I just feel that the easiest way out is to drop it serve a resignation letter. But I have this other side of me that would not want to let go. Its trying all possible means the delay things. I am just at a lost here and I hope its just me that feel this dilemma cause it is really tearing me apart.
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25 Mar 07
If you're feeling that way and you haven't been at the same company very long, I would say to move on. I have been employed by the same company now for 18 years, and I kind of feel stuck. I have my health insurance, 401K, and a ton of vacation time now. I think it's best for you to cut your losses and move on quick before you're in a situation like I am, too old to start over anywhere else. :)
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28 Mar 07
Thanks a bunch for the reply. I do feel the same way as you did describe on your comment but maybe too coward to accept the hard facts of life. Why is it that when you got to know the people got used to the process then this feeling will set in and boom your out. At any rate I am leaning on taking the course you offer before its too late. :)
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23 Jan 08
Maybe you should, it is stressful when you go to work and don't enjoy being there. I don't blame you, but make sure you have another job lined up before you quit or give reganation.