March 25, 2007 4:35pm CST
I am currently marketing an opportunity that is paid.. however the income plan is so good that you can have your revenues pay your subscription from the first month! For the payment, you get a lot of services that keep you in control of your business. great services! Anyhow, i need your opinion.. I have two choices to market this opportunity 1- upgrade you in your first month for you to try it out first hand and see if you want to continue (the program gives my money back since for any new active member that signs up in any given month I get the whole amount for that month..) Then I help you out build your business 2- Just market it and wait for someone willing to pay to join the opportunity, since this person will be more serious about it. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE PROGRAM ALSO OFFERS A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL. If you where in my place... which one of the two options would you choose?
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@MAX1966 (1029)
• Netherlands
5 Apr 07
hi maybe i will join you it sounds really great i would prefer option 2 i need an answer from my own business first
• Jordan
11 Apr 07
Thanks for your reply, the problem with option 2 is that things will move slower since people are reluctant to pay for anything on the net without being 1000000% sure.. and they will get that sure after they tried the program for a month (normal free trial) and for another month when I upgrade them (they become active members) then after trying trafficwave and probably starting to earn money from it they will continue as members and start marketing it. Please message me when you join so that I know its you and help you out with it (il do my best) you can use it for both your current business and for trafficwave it self as am doing:) Take care