MLM OR MULTI LEVEL MARKETING...A Waste of Money or Worth Investing For???????

March 26, 2007 3:19am CST
Multi Level Marketing or NETWORKING (Familiar term to all) Business is everywhere already..If you are not a networker and somebody ask you to join..Are u going to engaged youself? Are you going to invest your money to it? Im a newbie on networking business...My Mom invited to join her and before She was "KIDNAPPED" by our neighbor..Because of pity I decided to join my mom..As the usual my mom used the same trick to my boyfreiend to join us..As for today, My boyfriend and I is currently enjoying the business..After a month of inviting to join, Im at my 2nd month and currently earning minimum of P1,000 per week without doing nothing at all...Is it worth the money to invest or not? What you think??:)
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