People!! its PayPal!!! HELP ME OUT PLEASEEEEEE........

March 26, 2007 3:58am CST
To start with, people its something that I want to know about paypal and other such accounts. Actually when I joined MyLot I made myself a paypal account. Back then it asked me for a verification or some credit card thing. I didn't do it then cause I do not have a credit card. Actually I am just An engineering student so I can't have any credit card just yet. I do have an ATM acount and card but it didn't get accepted by paypal. Actually the problem is that I read something like limit of transaction. Today I checked back at paypal to find out what it really was. I read through and so I found out that unverified we cannot sent any payments but then I saw also that there is some unverified limit for transaction although they will charge me $5 per cheque. But still I didn't see any watch limit button. Actually my account has still got 0 balance. I wanted to know that as I have added no bank account to paypal as I don't know how to and neither have I got myself verified. I think verification does take some fee but can somebody tell me how much?? Also if you can tell me that whether or not can I withdraw money for myself without verification or adding any bank account?? All you people who have experienced all the transaction processes of paypal PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! Is there any other internet bank like paypal which is easier to handle?? Please any kind of information or advice will be appreciated. Do take a peek into the matter and help the needy(I mean ME). C Ya Around Thanks A lot Take Care May GOD Bless YOU
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26 Mar 07
Okay, I'm not sure what's going on there. Here's how my experience has been and I use paypal daily and have two seperate accounts... To be verified, you add your checking information.. Paypal then will make two very small, less than $1 deposits into your checking account, in 2-3 business days, they'll show at your bank, you get the deposit amounts from the bank, go back to paypal and enter them into the verification questions area... your count will then be active and verified and you can transfer funds from your checking to paypal or vise versa.. I HIGHLY recommend paypal.. They are the best out there in my opinion. Hope this helps...
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