What's the difference with JAVA and J2EE?

March 26, 2007 4:39am CST
hi guys.. im a graduating IT student and i've already learned the basics of JAVA. We are using JDK 2.3.1 and we use the dos command to code, compile and run our program. Since Im a Java enthusiasts i want to learn the difference between JAVA and J2EE. and Is there any site where i could get a free tutorial on how to use J2EE?.. thanks in advance
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@jhawithu (1070)
• India
12 Apr 07
J2SE (soon to be changed to Java SE) is considered the foundation edition of the Java platform and programming environment in which all other editions are based. J2EE (soon to be changed to Java EE) is the edition of the Java 2 platform targeted at developing multi-tier enterprise applications. J2EE consists of a set of specifications, APIs and technologies defining enterprise application development. J2EE technology providers expose tools, frameworks and platforms that handle a good deal of the details of enterprise application infrastructure and behavior. J2EE implementations enjoy all of the features of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) platform with additional frameworks and libraries added to support distributed/Web development.
@iamcrazy (32)
• India
29 Mar 07
Well you should reframe your question to what is difference beetween core java and j2ee. Well core java has basic features that any language requires , where as J2EE gives you ability to build enterprise application such web application , swing based fat clients. And one more thing i am amazed by one fact in your post. I have never heard of JDK 2.3.1 .. Or may be what you are referring to is . Latest JDK that sun has is 1.6 or better known as JDK 6.0