wife & mother

March 26, 2007 5:41am CST
can any one say how will relation bwtween your mother & your wife improve if it is WORST & BOTH are not ready to face each other.both stay in the same house . what would be the perfect solution ?
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• India
26 Mar 07
Separate each other..it sounds rude but thatz the only solution to this..cause they reaslly cant stand each other.that means u r stuck between them..u need both of them,and u want both to be happy and urself to be happy...right??orelse make them sit together,try explain to them that their behaviour is hurting u alot,there's no peace left at ur place...and warn them strictly that u cannot tolerate this kind of scrap again,be a man..u have to handle both of them very carefully...ALL THE BEST
• India
27 Mar 07
I think to seperate each other is the best solution ... one cannot satisfy each & everyone ... any way thanks..
• India
31 Mar 07
When i was staying in my home the relation between my wife and mother was not good. I had tried a lot to convince both of them but no use. Now am staying in my Wife's house. Now every weekend we are visiting my house and they are in very healthy relation. You said wright.