Did Titanic really sink?

Olympic Titanic - Titanic and Olympic in dock
March 26, 2007 6:49am CST
I watched a programme a few days ago that hinted the most famous shipwreck of all is in fact her sister ship the Olympic. The theory goes that the Olympic was damaged by a Royal Navy ship and after a Naval investigation they found themselves not guilty of any errors which caused the collision. This meant that the insurance company would not pay out on the damage done to the Olympic. The damage done was significant and ran virtually the whole length of the starboard side of the ship.(The same side 'Titanic' was hit.) As a result repairs were made but the impact of the collision 'broke her back' rendering her nothing less than scrap metal. With the insurers refusing to pay out, a plot was hatched. Over the coming weeks and months both Titanic and Olympic were in and out of the drydock at Belfast maybe swapping places 2-3 times per day. During this time several alterations were made to Olympic, mostly cosmetic but as the weeks passed many notice that the sisters were looking more like twins, it is alleged that this is where the switch took place. Allegedly during her see trials only 1 of the 'Titanic' boiler/engine room crew returned for her maiden voyage. The rumor being that the Olympic was 2 years older than Titanic and the condition of the boilers led them to believe the engines had been run beforehand. The owner of Titanic had a second ship steam from port in the general direction of the 'sinking' area, this ship was virtually empty and stopped mid-atlantic for no apparent reason. When the 'Titanic' sank the insurers paid out immediately without question. What if the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic is really the Olympic. There are actually very few photos of the Titanic and what you see is really the Olympic. There is a newsreel of the 'Titanic' being towed by tugs, but look very carefully and the names of the tugs homeports have been scratched from the pictures, because the newsreel shows the tugs are based in New York, and as we all know 'Titanic' never made that port. It is an exceptionally easy idea and is one of the biggest nautical fraud even today. Anybody who is into conspiracies would do well to research this further.
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• Philippines
27 Mar 07
I think it really did sink. I haven't heard anything that it didn't. Thoug im interested in knowing or some investigation, documentaries regarding this topic.
@sunjinwei (104)
• China
26 Mar 07
I think it was sink.