Pacman, the most revolutionary game ever in the gaming industry.

March 26, 2007 7:15am CST
very simple graphics, and easy gameplay but the best thrill could ever be felt and experienced on this classic video game since the 1980's. PACMAN the name itself is already stuck on every videogamers head (old & new) worldwide. the friendly question would have to go out like this: in your opinion, do you agree that PACMAN contributed largely to all the gamers worldwide? setting aside the financial aspect of the game itself but the overall existence of it (the game).
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8 Apr 07
No doubt about it. Pacman is a game that the good majority of people in the developed world would certainly recognise if not atually played the game. Pacman is a game in my opinion that has never really gone away because of its simplicity. Simple graphics and simple gameplay are two of the reasons of its success. The main reason? the fact that is so addictive. Whether it is trying to beat a friends score or just better your own personal best. Truely one of the best and most iconic games ever created.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 07
i agree with you, the videogame PACMAN itself is really very addicting and to think that it's a classic. beating high scores will never also gonna fade, the trend on gaming and scoring may be very advanced and complicated these days but the same thrill is still there. i just played the latest PS1 version of PACMAN last week and it sure was fun playin it on a new level.
@nickventere (1423)
• Zambia
7 Aug 07
I totally agree with you that Pacman contributed to most games that we have on the various platforms. I love the strategies, the action, the fun, name it, it's all there. Most of all, you will find out that actually there is also need for wit when playing Pacman as it turns out to be an action-packed thrill of a puzzle too.