do you really believe in god?

@ruzzel (62)
March 26, 2007 8:37am CST
in my opinion, i often ask myself for god's blessings that's why i believe there is god. some people wouldnt believe in it, some says to see is to believe. but for me i already proven that god is guiding us towards our way to future, maybe it is hard enough to realize in this world because we have our own beliefs.. and we have different cultures that we can't please anybody just to believe in him.
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@jencai (3415)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
Yes, I do believe that we we had a creator, our God. Even if i don't see him, i know for sure that there is someone who creates us. Human, animals, plants, living and all non-living things he created them all. MAybe there are people who don't believe with that, they need proofs. I respect those people with their beliefs.
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@kulotzki (61)
• Philippines
27 Jul 07
very simple, there is a God. God is True. The basis is the Bible.. All Writen in the bible are true and no conflicts. just watch or ask Brother Ely.. hehe
• United States
26 Jul 07
I once read that "Believing is seeing." There is a God, but everyone has to find him for him/herself. You can point the way; can tell people what God has done for you and in your life-but everyone has to come to Him on their own. I do believe that He is in control and everything works for the good of all those who love Him.
@stmartin (157)
• Macedonia
20 Jul 07
Personally I am atheist, I don't believe in God. Simple because I am young physicist, I am holding to the science. Just look my discussion that I have created.
@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
20 Jul 07
Without God in you, you are like a stone, like a hard rock that just stands there without purpose of its own in a timeless man waiting for natural forces to reduce it to a heap of boulders! With a spiritual fall back, you seem more in the description of animals than that of a man with a soul! I believe in God my Father and King, In God the son-Jesus Christ and in God the Holy Ghost!