Who has held your life in their hands?

United States
March 26, 2007 10:16am CST
Have you ever had anyone solely responsible for your life, and not particularly by choice? This past week, I received a letter in the mail from my college saying that my scholarship was cancelled due to a grading goof by one of my professors, who told me it had been taken care of. Obviously not! And now, if it doesn't get fixed soon, I will lose priority that I earned. Also a common thing is surgery. I had to have surgery on my jaw once and I hate going under anesthesia... hope to never do it again. Surely everything will work out, but what experiences have you had to go through due to someone else's blunder, or something that needed done that you couldn't help?
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• Singapore
27 Mar 07
1)I empathise with you on the current 2 issues. It's horrible the blunder, and the surgery... 2)Perhaps you are giving this man too much credit/power for the responsibility he has over your life, despite the blunder caused by him. It's perhaps also too early to decide the direction your life will take as a result of that. 3)You'll need a balanced mind, instead of gloating over someone else' mistake, to figure out 'Plan B'. 4)No, I havent encountered such a situation. 5)Why the jaw surgery? Who's responsible for that?
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• United States
30 Mar 07
No one is really responsible for the surgery, it was genetics. I had a bad overbite.