Do you expect God to reply to your prayers Immediately

March 26, 2007 10:40am CST
Some people pray hard I agree but at the same time grumble that God is not hearing their prayers........ why can't you give God some time. Even when to take a treatment by a doctor he gives you a time frame for the problem to be healed or show symptoms.... when you can give time to the doctor then why can't you give time to God.
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@graciela (147)
• Canada
26 Mar 07
There are prayers that are answered immediately and some are answered after a long wait like next month next year,after 10 years,so and so and there are prayers which we know are never answered. It says in the Bible,that whatever we ask for,it will be given unto us. But we need faith in order to get that promise. We have to pray without ceasing,keep on pushing your petitions to God. He answers our prayers but not always the way we wanted them. Lets just trust God that He knows what is best for us.
@lifeluver (743)
• Canada
26 Mar 07
Well, I have to laugh at the idea of God responding IMMEDIATELY to our prayers. It simply doesn't happen. Well, it does sometimes but when it doesn't, we really should realize that maybe God is asking us to wait for a reason. Another thing that one should understand....somethimes when we ask God to give us something, He simply says no but it's still an answer
@nilzerous1 (2435)
• India
26 Mar 07
Very wisely pointed out. When we have a prayer to the God, we expect too much from Him within a too small time frame. And when we do not get it, we just fail to locate our fault and start putting blames on the God for being so cruel! That has been the human nature irrespective of the caste, creed and religion. Anyway, I do not have much prayer to God but to let me live happily till my last breathe. So, far as my ambitions are concerned, I try to deliver my best when it matters the most. I could not fulfill my dream for my inability to coup up with the most demanding situations for various reasons.
@Springlady (3986)
• United States
26 Mar 07
Yes we sometimes want God to answer us right away...whatever we ask for..puff! there it is! But God knows what is best for us. God's time is not our time. We sometimes have to be patient and have faith that God will meet our needs. Sometimes we have to suffer, but in the end it will make us stronger and stronger in our faith. We just have to know that God is with us and taking care of us all the time.