What's good about your life?

March 26, 2007 10:50am CST
These days it's so much easier to whine about our life. I for one, am fond of doing that. It seens to be easier to pick my life apart and point out the things that doesn't really works for me. Usually, it's like: My whole life is trash! But I know that some people have a much more difficult life than I do. So, lets take a look at our lives and figure out the good apples. I knoe it's difficult! give it a try... Ok here's mine: 1. I have work. It doesn't pay much but at least I'm employed. 2. I have a wonderful GF, I'm wondering how she can put up with me. 3. uhmmmmmmmmm....
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26 Mar 07
A year ago, I would whine a lot about the simplest of things. My mother would often tell me that I'm the one giving myself problems because my worries are so trivial. So, this year, I tried to count my blessings, and it worked! It had lessened my whining and had me focused on the positive things in my life. I believe I'm blessed because I have a wonderful family and a lot of friends who truly care for me. I also consider myself lucky in career because I never run out of a good job, and I would tend to be recognized for my good work. Finally, even if I'm single, I would consider myself happy and content with my single-blessedness, and I'm quite satisfied with the way things are going in terms of my finances. Thus, we all have to count our blessings! Happy myLotting!