Funny incident

March 26, 2007 10:52am CST
Hello Mylotters i just wanted to share this very funny incident that happened in highschool. We had this really boring History teacher and in our class we had individual desks and the long benches which you shared with two other students. Me being tall always ended up in the last bench. And One sleepy afternoon the history teacher was droning on and i could hardly keep my eyes open so when she turned towards the board to write one of her long notes i quitely slid down and splashed water on my face n felt a bit better. My friend sitting next to me wanted to do the same but she was in the middle so we decided next time the teacher turns towards the board we wud exchange places but unfortunately for us the teacher turned back towards the class quickly than expected. My friend was so scared that she froze and ended up sitting on my lap!! i was too frigtned to do anything as well...and the teacher was so stunned she just kept staring and gaping at us!! by now the whole class was turning to look at us and laughing their heads off!!...the worst part was the teacher actually called us aside later to lecture to us about 'immoral' practices and how we should not do anything 'against nature'...its only much later we realized what she actually meant!! The incident still makes us laugh like mad whenever we meet
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@samrat16 (2442)
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27 Mar 07
You said you had a girl sitting beside you then it's okay yaar. Imagine I had a very close friend who is very fair and what we call chikna .My parents used to think something wrong is going between us as we were stuck like 24 hours together and I wasn't interested in marriage at that moment. They thought I won't get married as I have relationship with this guy. My god I had get married as soon as possible to make my parents feel okay.
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28 Mar 07
Hey we were BOTH girls too!! thats the reason the teacher asked us 'not to go against nature' which at that time we didnot realize b'cos we were too scared!! its now we know what she meant