Handouts for Cons

United States
March 26, 2007 12:27pm CST
OK - so who else lives in a city where everytime you come out of a store or are walking down a street someone is asking for money - like fifty cents or ten cents or if you smokethey ask for one. I mean ok, I understand that there are homeless people but these people are wearing the latest fashions people - I mean nicer sneakers than me, a warmer coat than me who works 10 hours a day at a job. I am just tired of it since they are pushy too and bullies. One guy asked me for money today I said I do not have any on me - he then asks for a cig. Ok, If you are homeless how is it you can afford a highly priced pack of cigs to even have an addiction that makes you ask around to have one unless you already smoke on a constant basis, so uhmmmmm you got me there cause I am confused?! And lets just say this if you smoke, you know from just having one from a person you bummed one from does not make you addicted. Clearly you are pushy and also have money from somewhere if you have this addiction. I have never heard of a homeless person just asking for one here and there unless the local stores are handing them out to make sure all people still stay committed to the addiction.
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