Is fusioncash a scam?

United States
March 26, 2007 12:47pm CST
I have been a member for 3 weeks or so now and I seem to be stuck at $18.90, with about 20 things pending that have been pending for the 3 weeks. And since they are not $7 or more offers, I'm not allowed to request payment. This seems so fishy to me and I have been uneasy about it for awhile now, seeing as I am obviously near the payout limit. So what is going on here? Have you been paid and how long did it take them to get you approved for your stuff?
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@taripres (1499)
• United States
14 Jul 09
Alright, I know this is an old discussion but I had to respond!! I did a post as well here about Fusion Cash explaining what happened to me! No payout, I was well over the cash out threshold, but they implemented some crap and froze everything! $135 frozen over something very petty and innocent! Whatever, take a look at the discussion and respond if you'd like: Fusion Cash Suck!!!! Thanx Taripre$
• United States
6 Aug 09
And I would also like to add, since becoming a member of Fusioncash in June of this year, that only one of the offers I completed credited. I had several other offers completed and have never received credit. In fact, I completed an offer on July 22 that was supposed to credit instantly. Guess what? It never credited. I am doing my due diligence and am now in the middle of a drawn out discussion w/ the sponsors' customer service area. They have never even heard of FusionCash. LOL! So I am wondering how their offer got listed on Fusioncash. Furthermore to make matters worse for members Fusioncash says tough luck if offers don't credit. I am staying away from this one here on out. That's just POOR Customer Service.
• Serbia And Montenegro
31 Mar 07
Let me guess, the minimum payout is $20.00? Am i not right? Usually if one site is a scam, something will happen to your account once you've reached payout, or NEARLY reached payout. Maybe you should just forget about them.
12 Jun 08
Actually My friend said he got paid by fusion cash. If you read the rules it says that each offer has to be cashed out before 180 days Eaple. If you do 2 offers, one on day before yesterday, and one on today. So the one you did on day before yesterday, will expire 2 days before the other one. So you have to collect to your payment, before your first offer finishes. So i dont think they are a sca If you read you will know
• India
26 Mar 07
thanks for sharing this useful info..i will check it out myself and return to this discussion..bbye
@Connie1013 (1098)
• United States
26 Mar 07
Did you look to see when your $$$ would expire? I had over $8 before Christmas. Now it is all gone. They put a date on it. I think any company that does that is a scam.
• United States
26 Mar 07
Well honestly I have never got a payout from Fusion Cash. I am in the same shape you are, I'm really close to the payout amount, and I've had simular problems that you are. I have talked to a few people that say Fusion Cash is a scam, but then I've also talked to some they say they have be sent their earnings. I would really like to know the true answer to this same question myself.