How fast of a typer are you?

United States
March 26, 2007 3:57pm CST
This is a pretty cool game that I found on the internet today at school. It is a typing game like DDR. It is called Type Type Revolution. On Hard it gets extremely fast, extremely quickly. I have been playing it for at least 3 hours straight now, and can type faster than anything. Try it out, it is a fun game. The link to the game is: Tell me what your high score is, I have gotten up to 50,000 with a combo of 132 before, on HARD. On easy, I can easily get a million with a combo of at least 10,000. Tell me what you get and what you think of this game.
3 responses
@wenkinnoc (483)
26 Mar 07
quite an addictive little game, I wonder why people have only gave it a 2 star rating? Still, I enjoyed and that is the main thing., I shall post my score soon!
@snap3231 (69)
• Canada
26 Mar 07
I've tried this game before but I'm not much of typer, in fact, I don't type in right way, I type with my one finger on each hands. That make me a not good typer or gamer of DDR. :( But if I use easy level, sure I can get high score excpet hard levels.
26 Mar 07
I'm a fast typer, I spend all day on my computer though. I will give it ago tommorow and post back my result.