Why is it?

March 26, 2007 3:57pm CST
Why is it that everyone seems to think that they know the ultimate truth, the ultimate God, and would judge people who do not have the same beliefs poorly? Why is it that there are some people that are out "preaching" their religion to others, as the one true word of God, but yet they have no focus on the crisis in their own personal lives? Do you think that in at least some cases religion is for show, so that other people will look at you in a more positive manner because you are "working under the word of God"? Why can we not accept that different people believe different things, and really that is ok?
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@Beertjie (977)
• South Africa
27 Mar 07
I think it is because a lot of people are serving an idea of God and not God Himself. God is not the auther of confusion but people act in a manner that cause God's Name to be dishonored. God is a God of love who gave His Son to die on the cross so the all who believe might have eternal life. People who do not have that personal relationship with God go around judging others causing them to move further away from God instead of getting to know Him for themselves. I believe that every person must find out for himself and be led by their concience. I believe if a person honostly seeks thr truth and ask God to reveal the truth to him/her, He will do so thrugh His Holy Spirit. We must stop looking at others and start looking at ourselves and ask ourselves whether we are realy sure about what we believe. Let God be the Judge.
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