Should Steve McClaren be sacked?

March 26, 2007 4:44pm CST
Is it too early or are Steve McClaren's days already numbered? I thought the game against Israel was probably one of the worst and most boring affair I have witnessed in a long time - and I support Shrewsbury Town!
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@xnipher (544)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
No.. he must not be sacked.. its so unfair..
@feliniti (875)
17 Apr 07
I definately think he should be sacked before it is too late to qualify for the European Championships. He is worse than his predecessor, and uses similar dull tactics.
14 Jun 07
He HAS to go - even if we do manage to qualify for the championships are we REALLY going to be in a psoition to do anything in the tournament??? If we are struggling against the likes of Israel and co then how are we going to cope against good teams? There are no easy games in the knock-out stages of the European Championships (it's the quarter finals) so frankly I can't see us getting further than that unless either McClaren goes or we get the luck of the draw....
@xtina87 (303)
28 Mar 07
Give him a chance, i think if we dont get into euro 2008 then look at it. but for now let him do his job, sacking the manager now could make england worse having to get used to a new manager and stuff. Plus its not just his fualt, the players are there to do a job too.
@xtina87 (303)
6 Jul 07
Thankyou lol, i still think that. and what people are saying about he should be sacked because he didnt play beckham anymore is just rubbish, beckhams old now and he isnt as good as he used to be, so its time to give the others a chance. i think he as right to "sack" beckham.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
16 Nov 07
England want some one who can do an explosion... England is one of my dream team but they are not ny favorite because they not play like a team..England is rich in many talented players..The players from England always break everyone's heart..I am a fan of Wayne rooney...and there are many great players like gerrard,lampard,terry,ferdinand...This will exceed the page...that much talents are there...but they fails to play as a team...I don't know why... For attaining more the coach should be replaced...
11 Jul 07
No i dont think he should be sacked, England will always be england. It was the same with sven, england played just the same with him in charge. Maybe its the players It seems playing for england just isnt the same as it used to be..
@Vixx06 (162)
23 Jun 07
Yes he should be sacked. He has made some bad mistakes like sacking Beckham but he also lacks personality. You need this to motivate your players and the country.
18 Jun 07
I think Steve Mcclaren's days could be numbered as England boss, even though changed his mind and recalled David Beckham to the squad which seemed to lift the team bringing on a draw against Brazil 1 - 1 and a win against Estonia 3 - 0 as he set up 3 of the 4 goals scored in these 2 games alone, I'm not saying that he is the sole reason for these results and Mcclaren should be kept in the role because of this, As under McClaren's ruling we have had some dissapointing results and he has made some strange decisions regarding players brought on as substitutes and the affore mentioned dropping of Beckham, with this in mind we also had dissapointing results under Sven and many previous managers, Maybe we are judging Steven McClaren to early based on the few results he has under his belt he could surprise us and his decisions could lead us to the next european championship. who knows only time will tell.
14 Jun 07
Steve McClarens appointment was a joke. The guy was far too involved with his predecessor and apparently has 'learned' a lot from Sven.....The chumps at the FA took the simplest, safest option with his appointment. The rsults, and more worryingly, team selections and performances have been, in general, woeful and uninspired and uninspiring. I'm sure there are players receiving caps at present because they can tie their own boot laces - it's certainly not due to their footballing skills. Yes, he should go but could you really face the shambles that is the FA management team searching for another manager anytime soon - personally, I find them an utter embarassment.
• India
30 May 07
he must be he's useless lump. He's just a loser. He sacked Beckham and sacked many imp players so i think he should get the sack.
@Macthedj (630)
26 Mar 07
I think he should have been sacked as soon as he announced that he was dropping Beckham. He is one of the best players in the world and England are nothing without him.