Get rich quick SCAM

United States
March 26, 2007 5:35pm CST
Anyone have any experience with getting involved in one? How much were you scammed for? Was it a waste of your money and time or just your money or just your time?
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@killj0y (618)
• United States
27 Mar 07 is a scam, i'm pretty sure! I meet the payout of 15,000 in just two days and asked them when I would be paid. They said in 120 days but I am certainly NOT holding my breath. After that my computer started running really slowww and I had to get spyware taken off of it. However I have made HUNDREDS and HUNDRES of money working from home! I have a website with nothing but legitimate sites on it!
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26 Mar 07
I Lost about 200$ in Programs called HYIP (High Yield Interest Program) Guess That was my fault though. I had a vision that someday I would be rich investing in these programs, 1-2 years down the road I was going to be able to retire but I was wrong, it all hit me when I had lost my money with nothing to show from it. take care Jon