Malta and Maltese People

@cute125 (101)
March 26, 2007 6:06pm CST
Are there any Maltese people out there like me. If there are tell me a bit about yourself and maybe something about where you live and what you do. You can even tell me about malta. Im interested to know. So go ahead and make a post.
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13 Dec 08
Heya, I am not Maltese but my family and I are moving out to Malta in the summer. So it would be cool to talk to anyone that has any experiances of Malta.
@omiami (412)
• Malta
27 Apr 09
hi there where do you live at the moment? I am from Malta, where will you be living when you come here? what type of information you need? if anything let me know so I can help you by telling you some things. hope to hear from you!!
18 Aug 07
I am half maltese, my father moved over here with my grandad and grandma when he was about five or six. I currently live in the UK. And have visited Malta on several occasions, it is really nice, all the people are friendly and with it being a very small island there isn't much crime.
@girl079 (147)
• Malta
30 May 08
yes its very ery safe in malta. there is a lot to see.......and its so small that you can get around really easily.
@ronaldinu (12438)
• Malta
9 Nov 08
Hi cute are you still active. Yes I am maltese too. © ronaldinu 2008