paying it forward

March 26, 2007 7:06pm CST
first of all i build guitars. second i give them away, i gave to kids that deserved them from 5 to 17yrs old, 13 guitars, this past christmas . people told me i would recieve good karma from my actions, although i was a bit sceptacle. it happened an annonimous donar awarded me with 10 guitars, all beautiful instruments, for me to give to deserveing children next christmas. this year i hope to overcome my past years total................... and it goes on, this year i plan to get the area highschools in competition with eachother, a food drive to benefit the local food bank, with awards going to the most giveing school music dept and donar. each month a count will be taken and an award of a washburn guitar will be made to each in these categories. it runs from sept to dec. you can do something like this and it takes very little time on your hands and is very rewarding. would you like to know more about how i went about it. just ask and it's yours....... paying it forward
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