@agfarm (930)
United States
March 26, 2007 9:39pm CST
Fellow Mylotians....I have been M.I.A. from Mylot ( as you know ) for almost a whole week. There have been Various " Fires " which I have had to extinguish ; thusly , I have been very busy, but....I am very discouraged over one issue ( which I did resolve ) that still lingers in the Back of my Mind. This would be related to a Bill , which I received last Thursday for our County recycling programme. I do not have a problem w/ recycling. I am all for the protection of the environment; however , this Bill came out of no where and at the end of the Bill was a statement , which basically said...If you do not pay the bill by such & such will be assesed to your 2008 property taxes. Now here's the Crazy part...I have lived here for almost 5 years. I moved here from Hudson , Ohio because of the Corruption ( in office ) not to mention the Staggering property-taxes , to pay for the School. Hudson High ( Ranked first in Ohio , for Education ) I have never heard of this Company ( the recycling co. ) and I am being forced to " participate " in a programme , which I was unaware , even existed. I called and discussed the issue with this company , and explained to them the definition of extortion , and the fact that this issue is also un-constitutional given the fact that I had " no-say" in the matter. At the end of the Day...I still have to pay the Bill , But I did have the Satisfaction of opening at least a few people's eyes as to the fact , that...not all people are sheep ....and just because you send me a Bill...doesn't mean that I will pay without even questioning it. So...Have you ever experienced an infuriating moment such as this? Please....regail me.
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