how many songs does your IPOD contains?

March 26, 2007 11:38pm CST
i received an ipod as a gift from a friend of mine last xmas.. currently my ipod holds 3465 songs.. i have all the studio albums of the beatles in it.. i have all my fave audio books in it.. i have all the albums of u2,coldplay,nirvana,pearl jam and all the rnb hits tell me about your ipod..
2 responses
@Lifeless (2638)
• India
1 Dec 07
I have a 2 GB iPod shuffle and it contains almost 450 songs.. I also use it as a pen drive, so I always keep some amt. of space free, just in case I need its services...
@choco6 (49)
• Puerto Rico
27 Mar 07
I don't have an Ipod.I have a Creative Zen which has 2300 songs right now.Mostly Heavy Metal,blues,experimental,electronica and some jazz.