Hey attention WH*RE, we were talking!!!!

United States
March 27, 2007 12:20am CST
Do you know someone that thrusts themselves into EVERY conversation? When I was in school, I had an acquantance, who would walk up in the middle of a conversation, hear 2 seconds of it and start with the "what, who's and where's". This drove me NUTS. It was like she thought she was SO important that we needed to start the whole half hour conversation all over just so she could here who or what we were talking about. I try to be nice but good grief, this is a big pet peeve I guess. I think she came across very arrogant to think that we couldnt have a decent conversation without her, and maybe a little paranoid that everyone was talking about her. Do you know someone like this, and see it as annoying as I do??
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