better diplomats to the worlds conflicts, kids?

March 27, 2007 12:48am CST
how many times we as adults would pacify kids that are fighting. how do we view ourselves as adults the role we play in youngsters conflicts. are we always the better people to have accomplished this role? in many of our worlds trouble created by adults, obviously we are not effective left on our own to solve them. what are your insights & contributions.
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4 Jul 07
there are a lot of things that greatly affect how adults handle children. and sometimes all the things adults discipline children came from the ways their parents disciplined them. unless one cuts that line there will be no change on how we discipline children thus affects how children will be as adults..
28 Jun 07
we has adults are meant to have the rights over our children but we have had alot of our rights taken from under our noses because we are not really allowed to discipline our children in a way that we were disciplined has youngsters and now they are all running riot and if we do anything like smack our children for the wrong they do we get arrested for it it never did us any harm we are here and i feel better for the way my mum bought me up ,and dont think it would do this younger generation any harm either