are there dinosaurs slightly larger than a turkey?

March 27, 2007 2:49am CST
Two new raptor dinosaur species have been unearthed in Mongolia, including one that ranks among the smallest non-avian dinosaurs ever discovered. One of the raptors, Tsaagan mangas, was found in the Ukhaa Tolgod region of Mongolia. Tsaagan was slightly larger than a turkey and its skull is one of the best preserved Dromaeosaurid skulls ever found. Dromaeosaurs were agile, bipedal dinosaurs that lived in Asia and the Americas during the Cretaceous period. They were closely related to birds and many of them are even known to have had feathers. Dromaeosaurs are often called “raptors,” after Velociraptor, a dinosaur made famous in the film Jurassic Park for its sickle claw and steely intelligence.
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@stvasile (7314)
• Romania
2 Apr 07
Altough most people imagine dinosaurs as large enormous creatures, not all of them had a large size. If you look at Archaeopteryx (the first bird) you can easily imagine that it evolved from a quite small theropod. There were other small dinosaur other than theropods. A ceratopsian (Psittacosaurus) was quite small too.