how abt necromancer....the poison master

the deathbringer... - hey its abt ma best hero necromancer the deathbringer
March 27, 2007 6:32am CST
heyyyyyyyy recently i came by the necromancer...he is such a nice and stunning hero.....especially i like his snakes...only 5 sec. cooldown and his ultii....thats very incredible......hero killing hero.
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1 Jul 07
venomancer is really strong having slow poison. I think the best items for this hero is Butterfly and Sange & Yasha
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23 Jun 07
that character is very ugly and annoying! hehe but however, it kick some butts on his skills! i like his slow-the-movement skills and his poison! THAT REALLY KILLS!
@owen48 (21)
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29 Mar 07
its not necromancer bytheway its venomncer this hero is really strong for killing int hero and agi heros