@gadvid (63)
March 27, 2007 6:40am CST
Which of these language should I learn if I want to build a website for my business? I heard that PHP is the easiest language to learn while the ASP is rather complicated. What is the different between these two language? If i want to use Mysql it is better if i use PHP?
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• Canada
28 Mar 07
I use PHP and also recommend PHP rather then ASP. PHP is free and open source. ASP is owned by microsoft and only runs on microsoft servers, which are not free if you need to host your own web site. Also, PHP is much easier to learn than ASP. Its syntax is very similar to that of C language, so everybody who already knows C, will be able to learn and start programming in PHP in just a few hours.
@devdevil (90)
• India
9 Jan 08
if you would like to develop a business site for ur businsess the decision should be on your requirements. it depends on what sort of database are u using and the server aswell. generally one would go with php and mysql server for any site PHP is easier to learn if u hav any experience in programming using C and C++ as its similar to it.. also there are a lot of scripts available (even for free) that you could use in your website if you would like to. not many are available for asp. also help is easily available over the internet.
• India
27 Mar 07
I think you should go for PHP. PHP as said is easy to learn if you know C. Not only that, PHP executes much faster than ASP. PHP is also free to use even commercially. You can also find many freelance projects in PHP rather than ASP or
• Bangladesh
27 Mar 07
I think you should give php more priority because it's easy to learn and use.It's also compatible with most popular features than asp.
@morph3us (823)
• Italy
27 Mar 07
both are good i think, and both can use mysql, but PHP it's free and you can find some tools for free, and ready maked scripts, maybe with asp it's more difficult to use or to find scripts, aniway both are good lenguage for build ecommerce site ;)