What is the worst thing that you have seen ?

United States
March 27, 2007 7:19am CST
I mean in person. For me I was working security at a hotel and was sent to a room to see if a tenant was still there as he was two days overdue on payment. I entered the room and saw blood coming from the bathroom and went in. The guy had killed himself by shooting himself in the head.
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@samrat16 (2442)
• India
27 Mar 07
Worst thing in my life is I was late for some four minutes to see my grandmother as she left this world. This is the day I won't forget whole of my life as I was late about four minutes when she spoked her last sentence, "where is samrat , I want to see him" I was late as I was at home to bring her food for lunch.
• United States
27 Mar 07
When I was about 13 I saw a horrible car accident. We were on our way to church. Some friends of my parents who attended the same church were in the car ahead of us. Just as they were about to go around a curve a young kid driving a pickup truck was driving straight towards them. My parents friends swerved out of the way and the truck plowed into the embankment of the curve. He was trapped inside. In a matter of seconds the truck caught on fire. My father and his friend tried in vain to get this young guy out of his truck but they couldn't. The truck exploded and you could see the kid burning and screaming for help. My Dad and his friends were in tears. There wasn't anything they could do. I have nightmares about it every once in awhile. The screams were haunting and I knew the kid. We lived in a small town.
27 Mar 07
O M G that is terrible. What an awful thing to happen. I guess the worst for me was a motorcycle accident, where the biker hit a car at high speed, he was thrown right over the car and landed face down on the roadway, and continued to slide along the tarmac.