You love money?

@mark249 (337)
March 27, 2007 7:38am CST
I love money but is not all in the life however they give a certain freedom I must say...
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• Romania
27 Mar 07
yes i love money but this don t meen the money are all in life.(sorry for my english). we need money of course ,is somethig necesary but we must try to be human .some people when they have money they change him personality.number 1 for me in life is family and love.if we are bad i think money can t help us. i have money enough to live normal so i don t want to many.much money mens much problems.
• India
27 Mar 07
yeah i surely love money........and according to me everyone loves money is something whihc can provide us with lots of things......but the difference arise when people starts put money above other facts of for money falls in the negative territory when it is considered more important than other's emotion , other's life........
• United States
27 Mar 07
I LOVE money too! I am not obsessed with it but I will have to admit knowing I have enough money in the bank to cover my bills and a little emergency cash certainly does make me appreciate life a little more. I know some people love money to much and forget about the finer things in life. God, love, family and so many other things. Money is a necessity if you live in the civilized world.