my yesterday's dream

March 27, 2007 8:03am CST
yesterday i dreamed i went to a place where i had ever gone. i saw a old women who have magic. i pleaded her tell me my future. she told to me: the boyfriend you had at present is not the right one. you must say bey-bey to he. i said:this emotion had occupied my felling for 4 years, and it had pained my feeling so long. i want give up it too,but,i can't,i can't forget he. she said: all right,you drink this,then you will fell better. i drunk her thing,and then i weak up and find myself laid in my boyfriend's arms. but today we quarreled agin,and he back to his office and hadn't back yet.
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• United States
27 Mar 07
whats a weird dream huh. I feel sometimes dreams are just our imagination going wild. Sometimes its our concision telling us what we don't Want to face. Then sometime I think its god giving us a little glimpse of the future. I always dream of flying . Usually trying to get away from someone and end up hiding in the woods. Too strange. Just go with your heart. Dreams are usually just that dreams. So stress on it too much.