@weslenv (175)
March 27, 2007 8:09am CST
how many like eagle..
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@nengs10 (3183)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
I appreciate eagles so much. They mean a lot to me. Well, I live in Davao City, Philippines were eagles are very known. Davao has been a habitat or the home of the eagles and other birds. During high school days, we tend to get sponsors and grants from famous people in the city to solicit for the food and maintenance of the said birds. And we usually visit the place where the birds were kept. It always made me excited everytime I saw the eagles. I like it when they start to open their wings preparing themselves to fly. It makes me feel like flying too. They inspire me in a way. They always left me a smile on my face everytime I remember them. Birds are just animals. But they should be treated like humans too. They deserve to be treated well with the other animals.