jakarta transportation system

@femimi (872)
March 27, 2007 9:02am CST
Do you think the busway will helping to solve traffic jam problem in Jakarta ? I'm not enjoy using general transportation in Jakarta actually, because too crowded, but for others are no choice. I heard that government will also make Subway and Highway in Jakarta, do you believe we can use it in 2010? Although the transportation system are solved, I think the government also must think about the drivers who loss the opportunity for the income because of the new mass rapid transportation, and this is also a big problem I think if the government don't think since now.
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@kakangmas (121)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 07
I doubt those (facilities) will really solve the capital's chronic traffic jams but I think it was a good start to implement mass rapid transportation system. In huge population like Jakarta have, it was a late action to implement it in 2010. but late always be better than never. Among the MRT, I think train is the best option because it is the most effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
@femimi (872)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 07
yupe, i also think that it's to late for country like us to solve the traffic problem. Seems that many obstacle in human resources and fund problems (and also corruption problem) so.. public need is always not the priorities
@davipiero (178)
• Indonesia
31 Aug 08
Busway? not at all. It just make it worse. Not the busway but the private car driver. They usually have low sense of discipline and still use the busway to drive their car. WTF!!! That's suck. As a result there is not much difference. About subway? I don't think the government is ready to apply that. You know what, subway station is the best place to commit crime. Because the station will be underground and I'm sure it will lack of security system. I think Sky train is better, the station will be above the ground and can be seen or monitored more easily both by other people or authority. And highway? What is the difference between highway you're talking about and Jakarta inner or outer ring highway (Jalan tol lingkar dalam dan luar Jakarta)?
• Indonesia
12 Feb 08
I'm not really optimistic about busway. just look at the previous days when it rained. the transportation were totally stuck. maybe if the government works better and more consistent of bringing benefits to people and to really make people follow the rules, we won't even need any transjakarta at all. the problem roots from the bad habit of people that pay no attention to become discipline in using public streets.
@nyumix (1661)
• Belgium
11 Sep 07
As you can see, it is not solving the traffic problem in Jakarta, so I don't think that busway is really a solution for that.
29 Mar 07
i think bussway is the best we (or pemda jakarta) have for now because compared to other public transportation, bussway is much more..umm..dependable, i mean reliable. we dont get dropped off in the middle of the street, no pengamen, and most important of all..it has security guards.