will u go against ur parents for ur LOVE????

@rsp9098 (755)
March 27, 2007 9:04am CST
will u sacrifice ur parents for ur LOVE????
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@aventis (34)
• Jordan
10 Apr 07
for sure i will go against them because it is my life and no one has rights to tell me what i have to do in this subject its up to me and it is my responsibilty
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• Indonesia
27 Mar 07
for some reason i will sacrifice my parents for my love.
• China
28 Mar 07
for any reason i will not betray my parents for my love,because parents is one and only ,we can not choose our parants,on the contrary ,we can choose the lover ,in addition ,the lover may be changed for some reason.
@karvin87 (1034)
• India
19 Apr 07
Hey, how about taking both my parents and my love together and walking in life??? i would not go against my parents simply because i respect their opinions and they have been my inspiration in life. Neither will i be able to leave my love , so in that case, i will convince both og them to be together..as far as my parents approval is concerned, always remember parents are strict at the start because they want their childs best, with time they will understadn what the child wants and would agree...its just the matter of time! have patience!
@djmarion (4900)
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
no, parents know best so if they dont approve my love it means something is really wrong.
• India
9 Apr 07
well i had been in this position to begin with i wasnt ready to give up my love for parents but when i saw them scumbing to my pressure and do the things just as they wanted me to be with them. i started realizing the facts that if i cant be of my parents i cud b of no one so i opted out of my luv life and sacrificed my luv. i do feel sorry for my heart but i think probably thts the rite thing to do in case such a situation arises
• India
28 Mar 07
well i'll never sacrifice my parents for my love... first of all i'll try to avoid that situation where i have to choose only one side... but parents have given me permission to choose my companion... but if incase i face this situation where i have to choose only one side i'll go for my parents because i can't forget the pain they have suffered to grow me... i can't forget thir efforts for me... i thank my parents for what i am... because of them i'm on my feet... and under no circumstances i'll leave my parents... and i hate those who leave their parents gor a girl whom yhey know for just 2-3 years... does it make any sense... no not at all... i'm sorry for being rude here but thats the way i feel like replying when it comes to the parents...
• India
27 Mar 07
hiiiiii i m pratik from vijayawada(ap,india)..me too i m in same situation ..my parents are against my love even my love is ready to leave home.but remember one thing there are a lot of probs due to this... one thing is u must be able to convince u r parents and solve it softly,,,even if they dont understand u try and try till they get bored bcoz our parents are living form a lot of time and one thing they got ideas abt hte worls and one more thing is their reputation wat will hgappen to their reputation in society if we go against them .. if u feel i m right think of it once .. i m almost near to m y success i m able to convince my parents .. i prefer going in this way ..wat would u prefer think!!!!!!!!!!bye all d bsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
@ralf_jay (213)
• Sweden
27 Mar 07
well if i love some then its my duty to inform my parents to go ahead with that or not as am very close to my parents .well i dont wanna trouble my parents un necessarily for my love life.so i say that i wont quit but i shall make my parents agree for that as i am confident but not overconfident.
@soleya (1102)
• Latvia
27 Mar 07
I am lucky that my parents never influenced my private life. they never actually cared whom I dated, so I had no problem at all. but I think if my parents would tell me that this guy is dangerous I would listen to them.
• Malaysia
27 Mar 07
to me of corse i will not agains my parents, because our parents have give us a lot of love to us for we born until now, so to agains your parents for some stranger that you know maybe 1 or 2 year, no matter how long you in love with you partner it will be not same as long parent love you. Maybe someday you need to have your own family but that does't mean that you throw away your famaly that rise you, so be rasional