I can't get my son off the bottle, he is 2 going soon on 3.

March 27, 2007 12:17pm CST
My son loves his bottle but if i want to toilet train him, i have to get him off the bottle. Does anyone have any tricks for me?
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• United States
18 May 07
Ok you have to just take them away. Sit down with your son and tell him hes a big boy now and cant use a bottle anymore. Take him to the store and have him get a big kids cup {sippy cup}. Throw the bottles out. He might be angry the fist couple days but he will get over it. Dont worry its not mean and better for him to be off the bottle. Good Luck!!
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• Philippines
28 Mar 07
As soon as my daughter turned 1, we began training her to drink from a cup. along that, we also introduced a wide variety of food in her diet so she can start on her solids and be independent from milk, although the latter is tsill a big part of her diet. at first, she would wake up in the middle of the night or during wee hours in the morning crying. we would give her her milk in bottle but my Mother, who takes care of her, would get mad at us when she sees used, empty bottles in the morning. we reasoned that it was still quite difficult for our baby to free herself from the bottle since she still finds comfort in it. then i learned not to give her milk in her bottle at night since it could lead to tooth decay; we gave her water instead. she forgot about bottlefeeding eventually. now she eats lots of bread, fruits, cookies and rice.
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• Australia
26 Aug 07
My son stopped using the bottle probably from 12 months onwards. I first just gave him a sippy cup with milk in it (because he only needed a bottle at night before bed by that age, i just swapped them) then once he got the hang of drinking from a straw, i bought him a straw cup and switched to that. He really didn't mind the change and has never asked for a bottle since. He is 22 months old now. If your son can use other drinking devices i would just switch. And when he does drink from it, tell him what a big boy he is and how proud of him you are. I think that's the main thing. Our son loves to be told how big and stuff he is, he gets very proud of himself and generally pushes for more.