Moving Away

United States
March 27, 2007 4:08pm CST
My husband and I are due to move to Georgia in 2 weeks, we are in the air force. My husband and I have been together for two years and married for almost 1 year. He and I have been close like no one could imagine since I first met him in high school. I am worried that this big change in our life will cause our closness to fade, I would like to hear from other people in the service. Maybe some of your stories can calm my worisome heart, its always nice to have some support. SilentRose
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• Philippines
20 Apr 07
Don't worry just because of that. Keep on being close to you husband and let not unnecessary things destroy your composure. If you love each other, nothing can destroy your closeness and make you apart.
@RebeccaLynn (2256)
• United States
3 Apr 07
I know you asked for servicemen's wives and I am not one, but I do know what you are facing. My husband and I are as close as two people can be. This year he found his dream job, was hired immediatley and had to leave our children and I. His new job was 750 miles away. It was nine months before we were together again and during that time he only got to come home twice. I was really worried that our relationship would suffer. And to be honest, the move was AWFUL! It was stressful and long and relocating to a new state isn't easy. If a fight is going to happen, it will be during a big move when stress levels are high. I made sure to communiccate with my husband about every little thing. I wasn't the only one who was concerned about what that kind of change would do to our marriage. He was too. I told him how I felt whether I thought he would recieve it well or not. Making sure that we were on the same page emotionally caused us to become even closer-and I didn't think that was possible! We have been in our new home for all most a month now and while it is a huge adjustment, we still make sure that we talk about everything, good or bad. In my opinion, the only way to keep a relationship together through absolutely anything is COMMUNICATION. I can't stress that enough!!! We have been married for twelve years now and I still get butterflies when he walks in the room. He still opens doors for me and tells me I'm beautiful. It's because we talk so openly with each other that we can stay this close. You are in my prayers! I hope that you love Georgia!