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United States
March 27, 2007 6:32pm CST
I don't know if you do, but I absolutely hate it when I get unsolicited add requests from bands. Most of the time, they don't even fit my tastes in music. I understand that they are putting themselves out there, but it kind of irks me that they won't take the time to check to see if I like their style of music before asking to friend me. Does this bother you? Or if you have a Myspace Music... do you do the same? Or do you actually check first?
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• United States
28 Mar 07
This is the perfect discussion for me. I hate that too, and I have a music page. I don't spam or solicit people with my music, for the simple fact, everyone may not like my music because of the content. I prefer the word-of-mouth technique. What I do is, view other rap artists page who music is similar to mine. I then read their comments from fans, then I'll add their fans to mine. But! Not to my music page, but to my personal page. And usually I barely do that. I don't get online or on myspace to promote my music. I do post bulletins though on my personal page. Also, when others send me request, I posted a comment (a real one) and at the end I'll add a html tag with the link to my music page. Another reason why I add people to my personal page first, is because once they view my personal page, one of my song plays automatically, and if they like the song, most likely they'll check out my music page. But I found out that most of the people who add my music page, are people who heard one of my songs on another person's page. Sometimes I'll visit a person's page and hear my song, so I'll send them a message thanking them for the support. I always reply to comments that are real (meaning not spam or promoting themselves) because I want my fans to know that I do acknowledge them and appreciate their love and support. For those who do solicit, that irritates me. I hate when bands and djs send me a message saying add me. That's idiotic. Spam erks me.
• Canada
29 Mar 07
It bothers me too. If it's not my type of music, I am not interested. A lot of people will send me those, simply because of the area in which I love. A lot of these bands are local bands. It still bothers me. Just because I live in Guelph and your band is in Guelph, doesn't mean I like that kind of music!