CAPITALISM - Good or evil

@boldriq (201)
March 27, 2007 6:37pm CST
Just yesterday I was about to send out the discussion about the bad influence the capitalism has on the moral of the society. But then I fell asleep and was gonna send it out today. Come today I got to think it all over again and I came to some new discoverys. It is a bad thing that everywhere we look there's an advertisment for a new thing, we find apealing and want to posses it, but can't afford it, so we either drop the wish, or, more oftenly, we try to find or to think of a way on how to get more money. And than it comes another thimg we want and the process just keeps repeating itself over and ocer again. Yep, we became obsessed with money. Money is all almost everybody keeps talking about all the time. It's become the modern day philosophy. There are more best-sellers on how to become succesfull and rich, than there are novels. The way of the Capitalism. But... Not all is bad in this. As it just so happened, I found myself in a certain situation where I am neither rich, nor am I poor. The situation I'm in acctually has got nothing to do with the money. I'm just in sort of a stand still in my life and I need something to motivate me. I need a new goal in my life, I need a challenge. So I've decided to try to make it in the money game. I do not know how to, but there lies the challenge. I don't need a lot of money as soon as possible and desperatly, so I'm going in methodically and patiently. I'm bored with my everyday life, so I need a change and I have found the motivation for it in the meaning of the capitalism. So if the capitalism is bad for the moral of the society in a way, it could have a more healing way for the society aswell. If more people could find the motivation in the capitalism instead of dispeare and their downfall, then, perhaps, the society could improve itself. But among other, the problem is also that nobody advertises the capitalism in the way of motivation, rather than the other way arround.
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@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
27 Mar 07
Capitalism can be good in a variety of ways because it gives you the opportunity to get paid for what you work. However, if just obtaining lots of money is your goal you will have to probably rethink your priorities as you get older. Money alone will not make you happy.
@boldriq (201)
• Slovenia
28 Mar 07
That's why I have explained, that I din't need the money itself. It will be a byproduct... I'm in it for the challenge. And the challenge is how to make the capitalism work for me. I have found the motivation in capitalism. I'm not sure you've quite understood what I have written.