Which do you think is the strongest Homonculi?

March 27, 2007 7:16pm CST
Out of the Seven, which do you think is the Strongest? Lust - Ultimate Lance Gluttony - Acidic Saliva, false Gate Envy - Shapeshift Greed - Ultimate Shield Pride - Turns into a black thing that cuts everything up Sloth - Memory skin, remembers damages and blocks it Wrath - Ultimate Eye Personally, I'd choose Sloth. That is because after getting hit once, he won't get damaged by that same attack anymore.
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• Serbia And Montenegro
28 Mar 07
OK, I had to choose Gluttony or Envy. In fact, these two are the two homunculous left after every other homunculous got defeated by Ed or sealed. Gluttony is because he's an eating machine, within a blink of an eye! And Envy can manipulate his appearance as he like and confuses enemy easily.
• United States
9 Aug 10
Wrath is the strongest, because he just wouldn't die. It took them forever to kill him. though Pride comes in a close second. He's a pretty tough cookie too.
• United States
8 Nov 08
Are you talking about the manga. because I just watched the anime and I know that they had a lot of differences between the two? If you are do you know where I can find the manga to read?because I really got into the anime and I know the manga's are always better. About the question though, from the descriptions that you gave, I would have to choose Lust. I prefer performing direct attacks than shielding. Also, I wouldn't give an opening.
• United States
10 Apr 07
I thought Greed was the strongest before his battle with Ed, but that changed due to the end of the battle. Then I though Pride, but that changed too because of his battle with Roy Mustang. So now I think that Wrath would be the most powerful because of his ability to fuse with anything.
• Italy
31 Mar 07
I'd vote Gluttony or Envy too, plus Wrath (badly). The other homunculi have pieces of their body somewhere, while these three not. And these three survive at the end of the serie, the other not.