Do you still remember the dream when you were young?waht is it?

March 28, 2007 12:27am CST
In my childhood,I love singing so much and I want to be a singer star.As time went by,what I do everyday is just going to school to study,then entering my university,I began falling love with a boy,reading some npvel which I have not time to read in Middle school,wearing some clothes which were forbidden before.But,my dream is hidden in my heart,I have not forgotten it,it still comes with me.......
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• China
28 Mar 07
In my childhood I just want to be a scientist and a doctor and so on. But I have to admit I like painting everywhere. One day in college near graducation, I want to develop an interest. I am puzzled about what I can do. No hobbies is too horrible to everyone. One day I felt my dream of painting. Then it was natural that I picked up the brush and pensil. It was hard for me to paint from the beginning. I made it really. Now everyday I am very glad because of my paintings.
• India
28 Mar 07
In the childhood my dream profession was to become a doctor and now am working an accountant. But now am much interested in medical profession. Now my dream profession is software engineer.