Can We Please Stop Beating A Dead Horse?

@freak369 (5122)
United States
March 28, 2007 2:55am CST
myLot is a fun place but people never stop to take the time to see if there are already discussions started on a topic. I am not talking about newbies but rather people that have been here and know what is going on. A great example: "What's your favortie pizza topping" - or - "How do you make more money at myLot?" I used to respond to a ton of discussion but now it seems like every other post is something that has already been added to the site by a user or it's posted in the wrong spot. This makes it extremely hard to weed through the off topic posts and duplicates and find something worthwhile to respond to. So please, before you start a thread, check to see if there is already one going somewhere. If there is, reply to that one instead of starting an exact copy.
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@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
28 Mar 07
I must admit I've been guilty of not checking on several occassions, mainly because I have an idea of what I think would make a good topic, and wham, I'm into it before I know it. However what really annoys me are those who obviously write down a heap of one liners, similar to those mentioned in your post, and then just post them one on top of the other.
• Norway
28 Mar 07
Hello xhero!