Would you date or live with a women taller than you?

Tall lady and her man - man, woman
@Bee1955 (3882)
United States
March 28, 2007 3:55am CST
I am a lady who has been 6'2" (187.9 cm) tall since I was 17. I have NEVER gone out with anyone taller than me, but close (5'11" - 180.3 cm). Seems all the tall people were going out with these tiny girls (5'6" - 167.6cm and smaller). However, I wasnt really picky, I rather talk to an intelligent human being than a tall, airhead jock or beauty queen (and I was one) anyday (I/m NOT saying all tall men or women are stupid, just when I was younger it seemed to be the norm in my area). So, would it matter or not if your partner was taller than you? And why?
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@acquaria (719)
• Italy
28 Mar 07
I'm 160cm tall,so I don't have this problem.I don't know,but if a couple the woman is taller than man, it seems as an abnourmal thing.One of my best frineds is tall almost asyou and she always laments because hav problems to find a boy:the most of men that are shorter than her,stay away form her....
@asadikbal (148)
28 Mar 07
Well it reallt shouldnt matter to me coz I am also tall so it doesnt matter if a girl of 6.2 goes out with me as I am 6.1 not a big difference, well we can go out I think we might make a good couple......... hahahaha......... just kidding dont take it seriously just having fun.
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