How to achieve a real HAPPINESS in our lives?

March 28, 2007 3:55am CST
Does the happiness achieve in different situation? When can we feel a real happiness? Why is it other paid a lot of my money for the seek of happiness? Why is it other didnt cease to find their happiness? After we get our happines what will happen next? Do we need to be happy? why is it necessary in our lives? If Yes/No explain and why? Final question what will be the possible things to be happen cause of happines and why? Say something and specify of what kinds of HAPPINESS your discussing to the topic that I have chosen in order to let someone else know and share to all, why we need to be happy in order to make our lives go on in this world.Eventhough, were stumble sometimes.
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• India
28 Mar 07
Happiness comes from within us. It cannot be purchased by any money. No matter how much rich you are. A poorer people can be more happy than a rich person. If you really want to be happy one, try to live in your own world. Though this is criticised by other but it is 100% true. Others cannot give you real happiness. Happiness is essential part of our life because without it we cannot live. It is happiness which keeps us awake and force us to go ahead, face the challenges of life and overcome it. Though failures are there also but even after failing, happiness gives us courage to try again and we do so. Next time we go through the problem of our life. Do not expect from others, try to give only, if possible. This will keep you happy all the moment.