5 Big Questions to Ask Yourself: Do I Need Career Change?

@infohome (1222)
March 28, 2007 8:09am CST
Enthused with your daily routine of work? Since “what we do” is wrapped up so compactly with “who we are” it is a natural starting point to look at our vocations for hints on what we need to address in our lives. When you answer these 5 simple questions for yourself, you can determine if you would benefit from working with a career coach. Do you feel passion for your job, your work, and your “part” in the “department”? A feeling of zest and enjoyment is not just for a few people. You’ve seen them in your workplace—always smiling, walking quickly, and happy to be doing their job. Does this describe you or are you living for break time, lunchtime, going home time? Meaningful work should fulfill at least some of your heart’s desires. Are you on the right path for your life? Examine how you got to your current job. Did you follow a natural progression of increased responsibilities based on accumulating experience in your field or did you just happen into your career? Either way, list for yourself what you are contributing at work. Does your list complement what you are doing when you are feeling happy and fulfilled on your own time? Does your job feel like a dead-end? Where does the career path lead from your job? Does it follow a trajectory to a position that you want and are you willing to work to attain it? Or, are you trapped in a never-ending routine of sameness with no surprises? What are you afraid of doing or not doing? Let’s face it. We all have our fears and identifying them can be scary. But after you identify your fears, resolve to conquer one each year. Is it public speaking? Is it taking tests? Is it having responsibility for projects where you lack the skills to do them properly? Are you scared to shake things up? What is the worst thing that could happen from re-assessing your daily work? You could uncover the responsibilities that come easily and naturally for you. Pay attention to what your answers tell you about your current career stage. Career coaches are trained to zero in on questions and listen to your responses to help you develop your best plan for progress. CareerMogul's online career resources consist of a FREE virtual career education center and an experienced team of certified professionals providing all job level career coaching and résumé services via telephone and online chat messaging. http://careercoaching.careermogul.com
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