am i asking for too much ???

@PIITZY (749)
March 28, 2007 10:37am CST
i mean like were is my prince charming .i just want to find a guy that i would realy get well with not like teh rest of my relationships....what about you are you still waiting for prince charming or have you found him?and if you have how did you manage to find him??
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• Philippines
29 Mar 07
Don't look for your prince charming. Wait for him to come. The more you rush things up, the more it will go away from you. Just wait and enjoy while waiting. There is someone destined for you. You just need to be patient and hopeful that he will come. If you have someone right now, dont think that he's not the best for you. But instead, make him to be the best out of his qualities. You should bring out the best in him. Just don't be too impatient when it comes to finding the right one. As for me, I can't say that I've found my love. But as of the mean time, I feel the love that I've wanted. I'm just enjoying the moments that we were together and cherished it everyday. For me, that is what's important. He is not the best but he brings out the best in me. He also improve a lot when we enter in our relationship. I did't look for him. But instead, I waited. Even I've been hurted for several times, I still manage to give it a try. It is because I don't see any reason not to love him.
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@PIITZY (749)
• Romania
7 Apr 07
well i gues thats what ill do huh wait for him to show up thanks for the advices:)